My teachers

My teacher pic which I shot yesterday, 28 September 2005. His name is Claud Lewis, WEI teacher. He is very kind and helpful to me. I will continue study English Communication with Claude on Octorber 10.
My teacher pic which I shot yesterday, 28 September 2005. Her name is Imogean Falwell, WEI teacher. She is very kind and helpful to me. I have studied with her in a short time but we feel that she is very kindness. I love her so much. Imogean will return to the USA on October 6. I would like to wish her to have a good trip and good luck. I hope to see her and have chance to study with her again in the near future.

Cambodia’s King launches official web site

Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni has launched his official website.

The ruler will keep his subjects up to date on the new internet site.
The website is divided into five sections – news, biography, social activities, correspondence and video – and will be written in three languages, English, Khmer and French.
Before launching the new web page, the king used the internet site run by his father, former King Norodom Sihanouk.
Sihanouk, who abdicated from the throne in favour of Sihamoni in October last year, still runs his website, which keeps him in the public eye. Last month, King Norodom Sihamoni awarded Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie citizenship of his country.

A Strange Calf

A 3 year old and his best friend – a python

Here is an interesting pic I found on yahoo news.

Three-year-old Cambodian boy Oeun Sambat hugs his best friend, a 13.1 feet long female python named Chamreun or ‘Lucky’ in the village of Sit Tbow on May 18, 2003. Superstitious villagers in the impoverished southeast Asian nation are flocking to see the boy, who they believe has supernatural powers and was probably the son of a dragon in a former life. (Chor Sokunthea/Reuters)

សុជីវធម៌បុរសនិងស្រ្ដីៈ ពិធីភ្ជាប់ពាក្យលើកជំនួន

យើង ​ទាំង​អស់​គ្នា​ជា​យុវជន យុវតីក្នុង​សម័យ​ថ្មី​តែង​បាន​យល់​ជាក់​ច្បាស់​ហើយ​ថា តើ​ដំណើរ​នៃ​ចិត្ត​គំនិត​របស់​​មនុស្ស​ក្នុង​ការ​រើស​គូ​ស្រករ​បាន​ដល់​ណា​ ហើយ​។​

ដូច្នេះ​យើង​ត្រូវ​តែ​គិត​គួរ​យ៉ាង​ណា​ ដើម្បី​រក្សា​សេចកី្ត​សុខសាន្ត​របស់​បបុត្រា​បុត្រី​យើង​។

កាល ​ពី​សម័យ​បុរស​ជា​ស្វាមី​តែង​តែ​ចេញ​ទៅ​ធ្វើ​ការ​ដើម្បី​យក​មក​កម្រៃ​មក​លៀង ​ជីព​ជន្ម​គ្រួសារ ហើយ​ចូល​មក​កាន់​លំនៅដ្ឋាន​របស់​ខ្លួន​វិញ​​ តែ​នៅ​ពេល​ណា​ដែល​ទំនេរ​សម្រាប់​សម្រាក​ប៉ុណ្ណោះ​ ដូច្នេះ​ការ​អប់រំ​បុត្រ​ធីតា​ជា​ភារកិច្ច​របស់​មាតា​តែ​ម្នាក់​ប៉ុណ្ណោះ​។​ ដោយ​ហេតុ​មាតា​ក្នុង​គ្រួសារ​ជា​មនុស្ស​មិន​បានរៀន​ចេះ​ដឹង​ឲ​ជ្រៅ​ជ្រះ​ មិន​ដែល​បាន​អាន​ដំណឹង​ពី​មជ្ឈដ្ឋាន​នានា ខ្វះ​ការ​ពិសោធន៍​គ្រប់​គ្រាន់​ក្នុង​ដំណើរ​ជីវីត ហើយ​ជា​ពិសេស​ទៅ​ទៀត​គេ​សង្កេត​ឃើញ​មាតា​ បីតា និង​បុត្រ​ធីតា​​ តែង​មាន​ការ​លាក់​គំនិត​នឹង​គ្នា​​ ព្រោះ​ការ​ខ្មាស់​​អៀន រឺ​អាង​អំណាច​ជា​ដើម​ នេះ​ហើយ​ដែល​បណ្តាល​ឲ​មាន​ការ​ខ្វែង​គំនិត​គ្នា​ ហើយ​មាន​គ្រោះ​ថ្នាក់​យ៉ាង​ធំ​នៅ​ក្នុង​គ្រួសារ​ទៀត​ផង​។

នៅ​ក្នុង​បច្ចុប្បន្ន​កាល​នេះ​ គេ​សង្កេត​ឃើញ​មាន​ការ​ចម្រើន​លូត​លាស់​​យ៉ាង​ច្រើន​ខាង​ផ្នែក​វិទ្យាសាស្រ្ត តែ​គេ​មិន​អាច​និយាយ​បាន​ថា តើ​ខាង​ផ្នែក​ចិត្ត​គំនិត​នឹង​មាន​ការ​ប្រែ​ប្រួលទៅ​រក​សេចកី្ត​សុខ រឺ​រក​សេចកី្ត​ទុក្ខ​នៅ​ឡើយ​ទេ​ ប៉ុន្តែ​…

An Exhibition from Cambodia: “To Be Deter-mined / At Arms Length”

Please pass this on to friends and colleagues- many thanks Peace Art Cambodia
An Exhibition from Cambodia: ‘To Be Deter-mined / At Arms Length’ is a major joint exhibition mounted with cooperation between the Cambodian National Volleyball League (Disabled) (CNVLD), the European Union Assistance on Curbing Small Arms and Light Weapons in Cambodia (EU ASAC) and Peace Art Cambodia (PAC) with support from the Australian, Canadian and German governments as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross and Handicap International.

To Be Deter-mined / At Arms Length combines the themes of sport and art while raising awareness on the issues of landmines and small arms through the innovative mediums of over 100 hanging text / photo banners, photo essays, multi media projections, installations and peace art sculpture and furniture.

2000 people have visited in the first week of opening.
To find out more visit , and