Khmer Farmer

farmer.jpgCambodian farmer named Touch carring with natural fertilizer to her farm at Phum Sla, Srok Samrong Toung. Kampoung Speu Province, about 40 Km west of Phnom Penh, Octorber 4, 2005.


4 Comments on “Khmer Farmer”

  1. mardizone says:

    m homesick seeing this pic

  2. Salin says:

    When I was in vacation in Cambodia from 16th of October till 05th of November I saw a lot of these people and it makes me sad but at the same time I admire them.

  3. Pouthisat says:

    Hi Sinin!We like our homeland.This picture make me the big imagination to my childhood in Srok Khmer.Our homeland is very beautiful country.I hope that in the short future will chang the new life to be better for every poepl not only in the Phnom Penh and the power poeple.

  4. hemant says:

    Its agood photo and informative too. As natural fertiliser is good and eco-friendly. All farmer should use it.

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