CTN News reader hit by ACID

Here is a sad news from my friend workplace. News reader at CTN hit by ACID. Mr. Tith Polen, news reader, was hit by acid this evening while he was driving his motor. Witnesses called th police at that time and the police awared the victim who has been well known onCTN news program. Then the police called to tell about the incident to one of CTN staff.

He was hit at face little and most on his body. Now Polen is in emergency room. This case is in investigation. No one knew why he was hit. One ofCTN staff said he might involved in triangle love between him, his wife and another man.

Polen have just married to a cambodian-australian women last month and prepared to live with her in australia this year.

I got this infomation from a friend Nyda, CTN News Reporter.

According to Raksmeykampuchea, Polen is sending to cure in Viet Nam.

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3 Comments on “CTN News reader hit by ACID”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good on you Nin, thanks for mailing this to me!
    Nowaday seems that Khmer like to use Acid as a Deadly weapon? I never heard the Government catch and punish the offender yet? or if any please let us know?

  2. vutha says:

    The acid attack is bad thing effecting our society. Victims are related to jealousy, lover, mistress… ect.

  3. hemant says:

    Very sad news. Such type of anti socials should be controlled.

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