grapefruit1.jpgGrapefruit is one of the most common fruits for Cambodian farmers to sell downtowns. The price is 1500 riel to 3000 riel each.


5 Comments on “Grapefruit”

  1. mardizone says:

    i luv grapefruit…can i get some?

  2. Grapefruit from sinin

    This is grapefruit which sinin told that it is sold downtown in Phnom Penh by farmers.
    Isnt it look

  3. Phirun says:

    I’ve heard that grapefruit helps lower blood pressure. Is it true? Anyway, I love the juicy ones.


  4. mardizone says:

    grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits…m drooling to have one right now…good selection…

  5. hemant says:

    Send some grape fruits to India. We have not these. Let us taste also.

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