Charity Trip

171129449_b652db0b23.jpg   171131873_de78ffce0c.jpg   child.jpg   6f05.jpg

I joined a charity trip with Komabaitong on 18 June 2006. More pictures


8 Comments on “Charity Trip”

  1. mardizone says:

    hey kitten m proud of u to display ur true sincere-heart to b part of the Komabaitong charity club…continue ur good deeds, one day good things will happen to u and heaven will b smilin down at u na…

  2. paul says:

    Hi Sinin, Glad to get ur message and to know that u are well. Keep up the good work hope to hear from u again soon.

  3. Pouthisat says:

    Soursdey Sinin!!We are very glade to read your webside.You write very well and ver interesting about our homeland.You are very pretty girl and you are very interligent.You write about the truth life.You help the poor khmer children that they can go to school,they are very sweet.Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you again.

    Good luck to you!!!!


  4. darachan says:

    Nice blog! Continue your great work!

  5. vanndeth says:

    Charity trip! it sounds very interesting. i would like to join for the next time too, can i?

  6. Jim says:

    That is great work! keep try to do your best!

  7. traactivity says:

    Hope you’ll me next time

  8. Hemant says:

    Charity is a nobel deed. We all should spare few times and amounts for the upliftment of downtroddens. You are great for this nobel cause. keep it up. Next time i will accompany with you.

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