Sight Seeing Tour (Stadfrundfahrt)

14jan07_saarbrucken.JPGI toured the city of Saarbrucken along with 20 other people from a different country On Sunday, January 14, 2007. The weather was great, much warmer than the usual temperature, about 8 degree.

The tour guide has shown the most important monuments of the city of
Saarbrücken and also gives background information about the culture and the history of Saaland. It was a two hours trip and i enjoyed it a lot.

More photos 


6 Comments on “Sight Seeing Tour (Stadfrundfahrt)”

  1. mardizone says:

    nice pic…enjoy ur stay in germany…dun get 2drunk now…lol

  2. Sophonrith says:

    Hi, it is nice picture, where are you? are you learning in Germany?

  3. Nhean says:

    Hi, Sinin,

    It so quiet from you left Cambodia, but at lease I can saw you in the webpage look cold and nice. How is the weather there, how about your studying? how about your health? Did you never missed about Cambodia?

    Why kept quiet, seem to be you never have any friend in Cambodia.

    best wish from Cambodia
    a country of my love

  4. VuthaSurf says:

    Hey Sinin, I never hear from u since u left Cambodia. Maybe u forget mne, right?

  5. sinin says:

    Dear Sophonrith, Nhean and Vutha,

    I am sorry for a bit quiet. Life here is busy.

    Rith, yes I am in Germany in a one year schoolarship course. How about you? still working for RFA?

    Nhean, How is eveything with you? Still very busy with work? now is sommer but the weather here is cold. My study is ok, but facing some difficulty…. anyway I am trying my best to learn as much as posible from this developed country.

    Vutha, my good former boss ! sorry again. I do not forget you. I miss you and everyone in our team. I just had a look at your web today morning, very interesting…wow you update so many good news on it.

    I will return home in December, I hope to see you all na.

    Thank you all of you for your comments on this page.

    See you later,

  6. Hemant says:

    Good photography. Good sceneries. Your holding that lady is faboulos and natural. Great smile both have.

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