World Bank Approves $36.25 million Grant for Commune/Sangkat Development and Improved Local Governance

Phnom Penh, July 27. Today, the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors reaffirmed  its support for Cambodia’s decentralization to the communes/sangkats and  related  local  governance  reforms, by approving a $36.25 million grant in additional  financing  for  the  Rural  Investment  and Local Governance Project (RILGP), as a supplement to the original RILGP which provided $22 million during 2003 – 2007, said the World Bank Cambodia Office release.

Investment  and Local Governance Project (RILGP), as a supplement to the original RILGP which provided $22 million during 2003 – 2007, it said.

 The  additional  financing  aims  to expand  the project support from the current 15 to 23 provinces, provide continuing financing for an additional three years   from   2007 – 2009  to  the intergovernmental  fiscal  transfer,  the Commune/Sangkat  Fund,  and  facilitate an accelerated increase in the amount of the overall intergovernmental fiscal transfer and related commune allocations. , it added.

” While RILGP and RILGP-Additional  Financing  fund specific investments at the commune level, the institutional  arrangements, procedures and funds flow are integrated as much as possible  into  the government’s own structures and systems.  This has helped to build  capacity  directly  within government institutions, strengthen government systems,  and  thus  create  a strong basis for sustainability and scaling-up of development impacts,” said Mr.  Ian  Porter,  World  Bank  Country Director.

Ms.   Nisha   Agrawal,   Country   Manager  for  Cambodia  said  that  the RILGP-Additional  Financing  is  also  aiding  in harmonization and alignment of development  partner  support. “The  Royal Government  will  use  part  of the additional  grant  to  support  development  of  a National Decentralization and Deconcentration Program, which will elaborate the implementation details for the National  Strategic Framework for Decentlization and Deconcentration Reforms and will  help  to  provide  a  better  foundation   for coordinated donor support in future,”  she said.

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Tepthidaram temple

This is our privilege and pride to announce that Cambodian-Canadian Community in British Columbia of Canada has purchased the land to build the temple. This is a success from our long effort to have a place maintaining and growing our invaluable Khmer culture . Absolutely, Buddhism is the base and root of Khmer culture. In July 20, 2007 is the one year anniversary of our temple here.

We are appreciate to all of your loving-kindness and attention to this effort. We are grateful and thankful to your tireless efforts and kind contributions to make our dream become true. Our work is not yet ended, the project is ongoing and still needing a lot of support and energy.

Source: Watt Tepthidaram or Cambodian Buddhist Temple BC

How is our weekend? (Wie war unser Wochenende?)

photo_to_home_6dsc03241-keo-1185284401999.jpgVon: Davy  ‘Unsere Deinstreise in Dachau ‘ 

Liebe Alle,

Wie geht es euch?  Ich hoffe alle geht sehr gut.

Letzte Woche haben wir, ich und Chenda, eine Dienstreise beim tn_2007_davy.jpgtn_2007_davy.jpgtn_2007_davy.jpgtn_2007_davy.jpgFinanzamt in Dachau. Anschließend haben wir uns auch mit dem Leiter des Prüfungsamt des Bundes in Münchin getroffen. Wir worden viel über Steuersprüfung und Wirtschaflichkeitsprüfung erzählt. Das war hoch interessant und nutzbar.Wir hatten auch wunderschöne Wochenende mit Kiri und Puhua in München, Dachau und Neuschwanstein.

Puhua hat selbe für uns gekocht. War.. sehr lecker 

Wie war ihr lezte Arbeitstage und Wochenende?  Habt ihr etwa mitzuteilen?

Mach gut



Sochenda Neuschwanstein!

Liebe Kollegen, Kolleginnen,

Wie geht es dir?  Wie Davy hat geschrieben, dass wir am Sonstag in Münschen waren. Wir haben zu Neuschwanstein besucht, und eine Deutsche Familie kennen gelert.

Ich habe ein paar Photos an dir zu schicken. Die Aussicht dort war sehr schön mit ein wonderbar Schloss.Ich hoffe unsere Kollegen, die Zeit haben, können dort auch besuchen, oder du kannst mit unsere Photos genießen!

Ich wünsche dir alles gute,

Liebe Grüße,

deine Sochenda


 Ich  Ich war in Linz, Österreich

Hallo alle,

Ich war in Linz deises wochenende zum besuch beim Kambodschaner Familie, ich hate so viel spass weil die war sehr freundlich.

Wir haben Kambodschanisch sprache immer gespräch und war wirklich schön.Auch mit heimat Essen und beir aus österreich Bier getrunken.

Ich hate zwei nacht dort ohne streß, und habe ich gemerht das die habt das gutes leben weil die kinder und alles die familie seiht glucklich. die hab gute schulung auch und ich hoffe die hab gute zukunft.

Entschuldigung Sie! ich habe keine photos genommen zur mit ihnen seihen.

Chenda & Davy ! Vielen Dank für Ihre wochenende Information.

VN und Laos Gruppe !! bitte ich möchte wissen wie war Ihre Wochenende? Ich habe nur von Ket bei ILT 2007 gehört.

Wow!!! Ket,  haben Sie gut spass mit Ihre colleagen/in. Und wie viel bier haben Sie in deises wochendende getrunken?

Auf weiderhören,

SininMe  I went to Linz, Austria

I went to Linz, Austria for the weekend.  I met some Cambodian families. I had fun because they are so friendly.

We had alot of Cambodian speaking and also cambodia food eating but we drink beer from Austria, hehehe….. I spend 2 nights there without bored.

I see there living situation is very standard. Their houses are nice and the children look very happy with their family and friends, they are having good school, I hope that their future will be very good. they look smart….

No photo to share you, Sorry.

Chenda and Davy, Thanks for updating us your news.

VN and Laos group, Please let us know about your weekend, I have head only from Ket.

Wow !!! Ket you have fun with your co-workers, How many beers did you drink ???

Spaghetti ice cream (eis)


Vanilla ice with strawberry cream and coconut powder, it called Spaghetti ice-cream. Supprised me when I started open a menu! I though it is Spaghetti from Italy but in fact no. Its cost 3.50 Euro. I had tried it, actually it is so cold but sweet and testy.

It is not new for me with the Vanilla test but with the Spaghetti name provided by this restaurant was impressed me want to try it. Restaurant is in Pegnitz town in the district of Bayreuth, Germany.

Vanilleeis in einer speziellen Zubereitung mit Erdbeercreme und Kokosflocken wird Spaghetti-Eis genannt. Ich war vollkommen überrascht, als ich es zum ersten Mal aß! Ich dachte, es seien Spaghetti aus Italien, doch dem war nicht so. Es kostete 3,50 Euro. Ich habe es probiert und kann nur schwärmen, obwohl es so kalt ist, ist es süß und lecker.

Ich weiß schon lange, wie Vanille schmeckt. Es hat mich aber gereizt, sie als Spaghetti zu kosten, wie es von dem Restaurant bezeichnet wurde. Das Restaurant befindet sich in Pegnitz, im Landkreis Bayreuth, in Deutschland.

Mardizone, are you clear now what is that? Would you like to try? Please fly here, I will take you there.

Virak, my teacher,  what the red source look like? …. hehehehe 🙂 

Leipzig’s Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof)

pict0384.jpg   pict0381.jpg

Leipzig’s Railway Station is one of the biggest train station in Europe. More than 100 modern shops and service centres are providing in this three floors station building. I found it pretty, very impressive and love to be there.

Climate Change

Earth has warmed by about 1ºF over the past 100  years. But why? And how? Well, scientists are not exactly sure.

The Earth could be getting warmer on its own, but  many of the world’s leading climate scientists think that things people do are helping to make the Earth warmer.

Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change and Global Warming

The Greenhouse Effect: Scientists are sure about  the greenhouse effect. They know that greenhouse gases make the Earth warmer by trapping energy in the atmosphere.

Climate Change: Climate is the long-term average of a region’s weather events lumped together. For example,  feature,it’s possible that a winter day in Buffalo, New York, could be sunny and mild, but the average weather – the climate – tells us that Buffalo’s winters will mainly be cold and include snow and rain. Climate change represents a change in these long-term weather patterns. They can become warmer or colder. Annual amounts of rainfall or snowfall can increase or decrease.

Global Warming: Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth’s temperature, which in turn causes changes in climate. A warmer Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. When scientists talk about the issue of climate change, their concern is about global warming caused by human activities. Read the rest of this entry »



Weissenburg is a town in Bavaria, Germany. The town’s industries offer high quality jobs ”in the province” and need engaged and motivated employees, who feel they do not necessarily have to live in or near large cities in order to be content and live well.

one owns its secure and high quality jobs near to home to the variety found in its industries, firms and businesses. Handicrafts, trades and public offices also provide different means employment. New ideas are always welcome, ‘Stadt Weissengburg i. Bay’.

Of course one can shop well in Weissenburg, and the historical city centre is an ideal setting for the many different well-run stores and shops.

As regional centre of the Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen and middle centre, Weissenburg provides all school branches. There is a grammar school, a middle school, a public vocational school with a continuation school, a technical school and different colleges as well as various music, arts and crafts departments.