Bürgerbus (People’s Bus or Citzen’s Bus)

buergerbus_002.jpgHeute habe ich ein sozial project kennen lernen, das heißt Bürgerbus (People’s Bus).

This project was introduced to me by my co-worker Ms. Petra Küfner, she is responsible for coordinating on schudule making and finding new drivers.

These bus services are operated by various voluntary people. That is to say, everybody involved in running the service works without pay, as a service by the people for the people, play a considerable part in rural transport.

Its aim to fill the gaps left by regularly scheduled public transport.

They are operated with honorary and voluntarily drivers, about 40 people included 3 women, most of them are in between 60 to 65 years old.

Each driver have to work 2 times per month and 5 hours per time. Drivers have to got a special driving licence that control by specialist doctor every 5 years.

Buses costs are covered by Administation office of the District (Landratsamt Bayreuth). There are only 2 buses (Volkswagen,VW) with 8 seats in each bus.

The bus tickets are in cheap rate:
* 1 way ticket (go and return) = 2.50 €
* 2 way ticket go and return (for 65 years old people up and children under 12 years old) = 1.50 €
* 1 way ticket (go or return) = 1.50 €
* 1 way ticket (go or return, for 65 years old people up and children under 12 years old) = 1.00 €

People’s Bus projects have been started in Bayreth in 1989.

The buses are operating in 5 Municipality (Gemeinde):
1 – Area Hollfeld
2 – Area Waischenfeld
3 – Area Ahorntal
4 – Area Creussen
5 – Area Speicherdorf

More information: http://www.landkreis-bayreuth.de/index.phtml?


One Comment on “Bürgerbus (People’s Bus or Citzen’s Bus)”

  1. Hemant says:

    Its a good public service. The voluntary organisations should be more dedicated and service oriented as sometimes administration has no control over volunters.

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