Krenfieisch mit Kiössen und Meeretischsauce


Krenfieisch mit Kiössen und Meeretischsauce


Putengeschnetzectes in Championsauce mit Kartoffelpuffer


Putengeschnetzectes in Championsauce mit Kartoffelpuffer


Schnitzel mit Pommes frites und Salat


 Schnitzel mit Pommes frites und Salat


Putengeschnetzeltes mit Plifferlingen dazu Kroketten und Salat


Putengeschnetzeltes mit Plifferlingen dazu Kroketten und Salat


3 Bratwürste mit Sauerbrant


 3 Bratwürste mit Sauerbrant


2 people died by flooding in Cambodia

I just had a quick view on news in Cambodia in the morning,  after i arrived my pratical work place, Landratsamt Bayreuth.  I feel sad about the flooding in Cambodia. It is effected to some of the provinces and people life.

Cambodia daily newspaper report that a boy, 3 years old died by flooding while he was playing at his house in Kampong Thom province. Last week there were a women in Prekvihear province died because of the water flow very strong on her….i am so sorry for them…natural disaster took people life.

How about flooding in VN now, Chhin and all friends in VN group? Is there flooding in Laos, Somdy, Nok, Ket and Kane?

Volunteer in Cambodia


Volunteer in Cambodia



Photo source: Cambodia Kids Project