POVERTY is man-made

Phnom Pehn Post reports that Theary”…Poverty is not fate. Poverty is not destiny. Poverty is man-made; it results from the greed and arrogance of power, poor governance and ill-conceived policies.  Today, we join voices against the scourge of poverty and to urge the G-8 leaders to be more mindful of Cambodians and the less fortunate of this world, she said.

”Yes, Cambodia is back – but not everyone. In Cambodia, 35 percent live on less than 50 US cents a day”, added Theary, Executive Director of the Center for Social Development (CSD) On 7 June 2007, German rock legend Herbert Groenenmeyer, U2’s Bono, Bob Geldof and civil society umbrella organization Global Call to Action against Poverty organized the P-8 Rock Concert in Rostock, Germany to highlight the plight of the world’s poor, to coincide with the G-8 Summit where the leaders of the world richest countries were meeting in nearby, seaside Heiligendamm.

Poverty causes by Lack of education, War, Corruption, Environmental destruction, Landlessness. Theary said, Enrollment is up, but we have one in two Cambodian child not completing primary school.

‘Poverty causes war. We, in Cambodia, had to start literally from the Year Zero, when almost 2 million Cambodians died as a result of the Khmer Rouge’, she added. 

So, today, let us be reminded: Poverty is not destiny. Poverty many times is man-made. Poverty is the worst form of violence. Hence, let us do everything in our power to fight against this worst form of violence.

Amidst the poverty, there’s also much beauty in Cambodia; come visit us. We still need your help.

”And today onward,  ich bin eine Rostockerin ! Danke schön…., Theary”  [Phnom Penh Post, Issue 16 / 16, August 10 – 23, 2007]


2 Comments on “POVERTY is man-made”

  1. hemant says:

    i m agree with u the reasons of poverty.for eradication of it i feel everybody starting from top leader to a civil man should work dedicatedly and noway corruption will come on its way.

  2. mardizone says:

    sad very sad but m pretty sure srok khmer will get better years n years from now

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