About Me

My name is Anin. I am 30 years old. I was born in Cambodia. I am currently living in Germany. I am an out going person and have many hobbies and interests. A couple of my favorite sports are basketball, badminton and cycling. Often times I spend my spare time with my friends and we usually play badminton and basketball. I also like traveling, listen to radio and music on my spare time. One of my favorite foods is fried meats and Coca would be my favorite drink.
I would classify myself as a person who loves to shop. I would never be bored of shopping. I just love to spend money on clothes, cosmetic, and as well vacations.
My favorite colors are brown and black.


72 Comments on “About Me”

  1. tnt says:

    Hello ChikenKh ah.. Sydney,

    Good to read your profile. But just one thing i have to say Coca or coke is not so good for people.

  2. Socheat Yi says:


    You have a good blog.
    It is really nice one.

    Good in your paragraph orientation about yourself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Sinin or I think I should call you Sydney. I don’t know why you have a nickname Sydney and there’s no need for me to know it either.

    By the way, I am so appreciated for your background and your website. That’s great!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Excerllent blog. but now nice pic.u should change it out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello, what pic do you think it’s nice to post here?

  6. Anonymous says:

    the pic which u post on your photos.

  7. Sinin says:

    hehee let me remove it first, I will post another one when I have time. thanks

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow… should post it fast as soon you can..

  9. Anonymous says:

    can u tell me your bithday?

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you want to know her birtday , should call sister and ask her… why you want to know her birthday?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Whose comment is that? your brother? your boyfreind?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Sinin…. it’s good for all your website. hope i will send your more

  13. Debbie says:

    Hi my dear! After went though your profile briefly, I feel like wanting to drop you a few lines just to say hi and let you that know that you’re such a very fantastic and phenomenous girl! I’m very proud and very impressed with your special talent in this internet world. I wish you nothing less, but the very best at whatever you wish and desire always. I’m positively sure that one day you’ll become one of the greatest and succeesful Cambodian journalists than anyone can be as your dream and desire. Keep up high hope and continue your best, your time and efforts will soon paid of.

    Your new friend,

  14. Nin says:

    Hello Bong Srey Debbie, thank you very much. Talk to you next time. bye

  15. Samnang says:

    I came in to read again, you are such a wonderful girl; keep fighting for your golden goal…I wish more Khmer girls to be as brave as you so you girls can wake the men up to the real world..! Don’t you let the man keep you in the Kitchen. Samnang!

  16. hong says:

    yeah! you did a good job. keep moving.

  17. Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing your profile. We have some things in common! I work with nonprofits and technology. Keep on blogging!

  18. Pheab says:

    Hi sinin,

    Wow, i am surpirsed to see your beautiful web! Congratulation for your work! I used to ask you to post the hiv/aid press release on the open forum webpotal!

  19. wiliam says:

    hey SININ … nice details… wow… wat can i say……i think da word perfect is suit ya….. anyhoo…thanks god ..that let me knew u….by da way… just keep it reall…..for real for real…. god bless u….. ill catch up with u next time…. have a good one….

  20. khmerbird says:

    hello, i am glad that now we can read something about Cambodia. i have been thinking since many years back …

    i don’t want people remember Cambodia with the killing fild or blood …

    let’s cheer and make the worl look into Cambodia in a difference way.


  21. mardizone says:

    u go gurl go 4 da gold…

  22. Cambodia really needs a girl like you. Keep up to get your golden goals!


  23. I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here.
    I also have a web site & blog about accounting college
    so I know what I’m talking about when I say your site is top-notch! Keep up the great work!

  24. Hi thanks for your blog, I liked it! I also have a blog/site about deloitte and touche accounting that covers deloitte and touche accounting related stuff. Please feel free to visit.

  25. ream lake says:

    Sinin i have nothing to comment but to congratulations to you to what you have achieved. You can become anyhting you want to be with your knowladge as you already known it i have mention it with you 4 a short chat at yahoo.Cambodian needs you for Cambodia keep it up you are 100% to me!

  26. Mohaleap says:

    Hi, Sinin Oh la la you are so great. really really great…
    Young and dynamic KON Khmer is great like that. mind no more what ohters talk about you, just thanks them.

  27. Andiamo says:

    Hi nice to see your web site. You’re so great, I’m so apreciate of you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Sinin nice to read your profile. I also interest with playing basketball and i wish that we could enjoy it together one time.
    thank you

  29. Stuart Isett says:

    Dear Khem

    I was introduced your blog by ThaRum. I was hoping you could add this information below to your blog to introduce your friends and readers to the Angkor Photography Festival. Please take a look at our website and then decide if you would like to post the the text I have included below.

    Many thanks,

    Stuart Isett
    Paris, France

    Tel/fax: (+33)
    Mobile:  (+33)
    Email: stuart@isett.com
    URL: http://www.isett.com


    The inaugural Angkor Photography Festival was held in October, 2005 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and was the first of its kind organized in Southeast Asia. The goals of this international annual gathering are both artistic and humanitarian.

    With this principle in mind, in addition to the fourteen major exhibitions and seven photo-projection evenings, a group of artists and reporters also volunteered to organize a free workshop for young photographers from the region as well as a photo-dance workshop for a group of underprivileged street children from the town of Siem Reap.

    We’re really hoping Flickr.com will also be a way to make the Angkor Photography Festival a global event that helps build a vibrant and open photography community. If you have time, we have our first set of images up on our page taken by street children from the town of Siem Reap. The work was produced in a workshop run by Magnum photographer Antoine d’Agata, and is part of the festival’s outreach program to the Siem Reap community:


    We will be adding more work in the weeks to come, from the workshops and exhibits from the 2005 festival. I hope you can come take a look and post some comments.

    We will also be having a contest for Flickr members starting in May and winners’ work will be shown at a slide presentation at Angkor during the festival from November 25th until December 1st, 2006. All photographs will remain copyrighted to photographers so I hope you’ll be interested in entering an image.

    If you have any questions or want to be on our mailing list for contest, festival or work shop info, please email me at:


    I also encourage you to pass on our contact to any Flickr friends you have who might be interested.

    Thanks again and best wishes,

    Stuart Isett

  30. JC says:

    Hey firend, I have seen your web’s photo home page, oh that is great that you could be write something and could store up in the Internet,i have seen your favourite sone, I have seen your image and your detail about your healthy in the clinic. Congratulation to you. Happy for a good friend as like you. My hope you have a brightly future in yours. Thanks for your reply back to me, Hope i will have a chance to meet you in cambodia, and talking.

    Wish every thing doing well for you.
    good health na
    sincerely yours

  31. Setha says:

    Dear nin,

    Hey first of all, congratulation for ur archive!It’s a great hobby. It’s a nice web within a nice structure.

    Miss u.

  32. Rod says:

    it is absolutely breath taking to see more khmer girls who aren’t constrain by the traditional bonds and continue to pursue their dreams. I hope you can help spread your knowledge and interests to many other girls because that’s what we need right now. Good luck and keep up the good work, I’ll drop by from time to time

  33. Setha says:

    Dear nin,

    Hey first of all, congratulation for ur archive!It’s a great hobby.

    It’s a nice web within a nice structure.

    Miss u.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hi.. congra for your web.. good and try more to fly to your gaol.. i am here to help you and give you advice..
    Please try more na

  35. Ravindra ( Robin) says:

    All i want to have a opportunity and to tell you that you look really gr8. and you are not only beauty you are beauty with the brain.


  36. Rick says:

    Hi, Thought i would leave you a message to let you know I did read your website. Rick

  37. Sunti says:

    Just visiting your site it was good. write back if you want a pen pal living in Washington, DC

  38. Vathana says:

    Dear Sinin,

    I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have done a great job with your website. Keep up the good work!!!


  39. Vathana says:

    Wow, It’s good for your education.

  40. Phirun says:

    Hi Sinin,
    I’m very impressed with your website. Well done. I just hope more Cam ladies are open and progressive like you.


  41. chhoeuth says:

    Hi.. congra.. for your web.. good and try more to fly to your gaol.. i am here to help you and give you advice..

  42. brendan says:

    it’s a very nice website Nin and you’ve been busy and hey! even for somebody who HASN’T had an appendectome that’s a hellova picture!

  43. mardizone says:

    hi kitten…wow m imprez by ur multi-degrees…wiz u all the succez in life…good luck

  44. Debbie says:

    Hello Nin!

    Just want to drop a few lines to let you know how wonderful and well organize your website profile is. I spent sometime read about your introduction where your indicated and decribed thoroughly who you are, education, experiences, hobbies and interest, achievement, goal and stuffs like that. I found it’s more interesting about you. I scolled down and hoped to add some comments for you, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do that cuz I got kicked off line just as soon as I was about to wrape up with my comments. Well, . . my point is that . . . I’m very impressed and real proud of you. After briefly chatted with you and read what your wrote, I really think you’re such a very fantastic and phenomenous girl at this young age! . . . You’re smart, talented and great motivation person. I’m more than positively sure, your dream of wanting to become a journalist will soon come true, cuz you’re deserved of who you are today. Wish you nothing less, but best luck with whatever you wish and desire always!

    Take care and hope to hear from you again sometime.

    With love and best regards,

    Yours, Bong Debbie!

  45. Lance says:

    Kitten –

    I am happy to have met you! This is a really good website you have. You really write well. See you again soon!

  46. Pouthisat says:

    Hi,Sinin!I am happy to hear from you!Your webside is very interesting about Srok Khmer.You write realy very well.
    See you again soon.

    Good Luck to you!!!


  47. Will says:

    Nicely written and comprehensive writing, and very good layout. A talented blogger indeed. A place to make the readers miss srok Khmer more with many beautiful pictures. Keep the good work.

  48. da nan says:

    hi i am so glad to know u and i hope some day i will meet u

  49. sandan008 says:

    hehhehhehe,,,,,,hhahahhahaha great nas yr website.I like dis website Sinin.u r clever for it.I cant do anything like u te!
    Take yr time ,,,,,,,kiss

  50. ieng_b says:


  51. Teddy says:

    Oh, it is great for this blog, I am so proud of work hard person like you. I do wish that your dream will be come true. Your text is clear and understandable. But you use some repeat phrase.

    Any way, it is a nice background too.

    Teddy Bear

  52. Hello Nin !!!!!! says:

    Very glade to get you for my friend and i wish you do all the things that you want is true.

    Best Regard !
    Marith !

  53. Rachna Sam (Mr.) says:

    Hi Sinin,

    I reall impress with ur web site, and it is so professional.

    You really feel doutb with me, whom Am I? I am just Nin’s friend, and I saw ur web Address follow the Nin’s mail. Do u mind if I want to be ur friend too?

    Happy to get ur reply


  54. Rachna says:

    Hi Sinin,

    This is Rachna Sam (Mr.), and you can call me Rachna.

    I am 25 years old, and I was born in Siem Reap province. I work in one hotel in here as middle management.

    I was graduated in BBA at BBU last year, and now I am trying to get MBA in the same university. My future goal is to be the top management in this section.

    My personality is not too much, just well going person with others. I am the calm person for the first look but it is not absolutely right always like to be happy, and sometime talkative especially with friends. My bad mannerism is smiling.

    I like most of the sports, such as Volleyball, Football, Basketball, fishing, Snooker, Swimming……etc and the best one is football. I like to play it, but not betting. Beside the sports, I like shopping also, but especially on electronic or technology products such as: Computer, Hand phone, and others…..For the food, I do not the ones with so many ingredients. I like the easy like grill fist, prahok…….just simple one, and some western ones also. For drinking, not too much, but depends on the real situation.Others activities like dancing and singing, I like a lot.

    That’s all about me

    Rachna sam (Mr.)
    Siem Reap

  55. Phalla says:

    Hi Sinin,
    I have no many words to say, but i just want to expresss my appreciation to you of your great successes and your generous heart to the community. Keep up your good work and i believe you would be a hero of some children. I am proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. khmerboy says:

    Hi Kitten,

    It is very nice to see you have create a wonderful blog here.
    I am also khmer and would like to invite you to have a look free blog website that I just created which uses wordpress too. If you would like your blog to move to http://khmerblog.com I will very happy to help.
    So come and check out free blog from http://khmerblog.com that own by khmer.


  57. Heartofangkor says:

    Hi Sinin,

    I really appriciate what you have here as well as what you have done for both you own career development and for the country. I didnt have time to look through all the content of your pages, but throught what I have read so far, I would like to say that I am happy and proud that you are-as a young Cambodian girl can go this far.

    You have a well organized website, with a betiful picture that show your contribution to our country. I wish you are succesful in your wished career as a journalist. In any country, and especially in Cambodia, journalist play a very important role in infoming the citizen about what going on in the society and also contribute to advocacy for better policies of the government…bring more benefit for the poor and vulnerable.

    I wanted to write alot more, but have to back to my work now…so let me stop here and I will do more when I have time.

    Heart of Angkor

  58. Jarvis says:

    Hi Sinin
    You are organised, so well organised. I have enjoyed reading your page it is so good. You have great achievements.
    It is so good to spend time Studying, like you have done.
    Keep it up kitten.
    I really appreciate your achievements. It really is not so easy to go this far.
    Noch einmal bitte, keep it up.

    Aufwiedersehen, Jarvis.

  59. Félix says:

    You are welcome to know oteher culture.

    Dont by afraid, joints to us.

  60. Heinz-Werner says:


    a very well made side, much information about humans SININ and humans in your homeland.

    Further much luck and success here in Germany, in Saarbruecken.

  61. Hi Sinin,

    I’m Please to see your Website and a breif of your bio……!
    I hope your dream will come true and your committment is unaccountable.

    Congratulation for you effort so far.


  62. hi says:

    hi Sinin,

    I am really impress and happy with your website,this indicates to every reasonable and reliable person your dynamism and determination in achieving your aims and objectives in Journalism and development not only to the people of Cambodia,but the whole world.

    I wish u all the the best in Germany.


  63. Hi Kitten

    your wonderful blog with your reporter job make us impress

    Best wishes


  64. Vicheasophea says:

    Dear sister nin,
    I’ve read your web. I’m so proud of you and also so proud of our country,Cambodia,that have you as a Cambodian.


  65. HENG Meng Ho says:

    Hi Nin,

    I am a Cambodian student in Japan, currently doing PhD in Civil
    Engineer. I have just create my own blog. I went through E-Khmer and I found your site. It’s interesting and I have add your site into my contact list. Please add mind into yours if possible.

    Here it is:


    Thank you and hope to read more from your blog about things in Germany.


  66. MANOROM says:


    I have red your page. You are a intellectual girl with a loft of diploma.

    I work in high school…

    Reunion island

  67. Chris says:

    …I do want to say to you that after reading your profile I am concerned that you make drink to much Coca- Cola (coke). Nin please limited the amount you drink because studies in USA have shown Coke to lead to many diseases and health problems. I will speak with you more about this in the future ok.

  68. Beth Kanter says:


    I see you are on the list for the Cambodian Bloggers Summit and I look forward to meeting you!

  69. Hallo Sinin,
    Schön eine kambodschanisch hergestelltes deutschsprachiges Blog zufinden. Bayreuth und Bayern sind schöne Plätzen zu erleben. Ich heiße Sophat und studiere momentan in den Vereinigten Staaten. Es gibt eine Organisation die Thüringisch Kambodschanische Gesellschaft heißt. Falz die Dir interessiert, die Adresse ist tkgev.org. Falz es OK ist, werde Ich deine Adresse auf meinen Blog weiterleiten. Sonnst, viel Spaß mit deinen Studium und leben in Deutschland.


  70. Tempest says:

    Hei siniyooyo!
    i went through your profile and was challenge to move on thanks for such motivation
    i really confess of your hard working best of the wishes
    keep it up.

  71. Somethea Dy says:

    Dear Min,
    I am a man who have 32 years old, now I am a student of master of education management in Cambodia. I was born in Kampong Cham proving, I am not lucky man I have parent and I have no prother or sister. Now I am working with NGO as a project Manager. I read your profile, it is very good and I proud what you have done. If you have something to contact me, please addresss: smethea@yahoo.com


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